Contour Classification in Drawing Based on Fuzzy Thinking

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Mehdi Asasian


Throughout the history of art, the methods used to analyze the form of artwork have become important in this regard; they have focused on important aspects such as easier learning methods and better critique of artwork. In this regard, modern and contemporary art seems to require a new instrumental geometric and formal language to analyze the form with the help of meaningful geometry, in order to create a solution to formal challenges in recent decades, especially in the drawing field. Following the previous works, this paper presents a series of necessary definitions of meaningful visual forms, which, on the one hand, preserves the individuality of modern and contemporary art and, on the other hand, is a common language for artistic dialogue in the fields such as critique and art education. Here, we provide definitions for contour and classify base samples of it and its meaningful functions. These definitions are the basis for our next papers in the field of analyzing deformation in art.

Fuzzy thinking; fuzzy geometry, possibility theory, modern art, contemporary Art

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Asasian, M. (2018). Contour Classification in Drawing Based on Fuzzy Thinking. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 10(2), 1-13.
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