Multiple Exact Travelling Solitary Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

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M. M. El-Horbaty
F. M. Ahmed


An extended Tanh-function method with Riccati equation is presented for constructing multiple exact travelling wave solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations which are particular cases of a generalized equation. The results of solitary waves are general compact forms with non-zero constants of integration. Taking the full advantage of the Riccati equation improves the applicability and reliability of the Tanh method with its extended form.

Extended Tanh method, Riccati equation, solitary waves, evolution equations.

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El-Horbaty, M., & Ahmed, F. (2019). Multiple Exact Travelling Solitary Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 14(2), 1-13.
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