A New and Simple Prime Sieving Technique for Generating Primes Ending with a Given Odd Digit

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Okoh Ufuoma


The essence of this paper is to furnish a simple prime sieving technique which deletes composites from a nite list of natural numbers ending with any given odd digit with the exception of the digit 5, leaving behind prime numbers ending with the given digit. This technique is so much like the Eratosthenes' sieving technique.

Prime numbers, prime sieve.

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Ufuoma, O. (2019). A New and Simple Prime Sieving Technique for Generating Primes Ending with a Given Odd Digit. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 15(1), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.9734/arjom/2019/v15i130139
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