An Approximate Solution for a Nonlinear Duffing – Harmonic Oscillator

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Van Hieu – Dang


The equivalent linearization method introduced by Caughey is a powerful tool for analyzing random oscillations. The method is also easy to apply for deterministic oscillations. However, with strong nonlinear systems, the error of this method is usually quite large and even not acceptable. In conjunction with a weighted averaging, the equivalent linearization method has shown more accuracy than the classical one in which the conventional averaging value is used. Combining advantages of the classical equivalent linearization method and accuracy of the weighted averaging, the proposed method has shown that it is a useful tool for analyzing nonlinear oscillations including strong nonlinear systems. In this paper, the proposed method is applied to analyze a nonlinear Duffing – harmonic oscillator. The present results are compared with the results obtained by using other analytical methods, exact results and numerical results.

Equivalent linearization method, weighted averaging, nonlinear oscillators.

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Hieu – Dang, V. (2019). An Approximate Solution for a Nonlinear Duffing – Harmonic Oscillator. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 15(4), 1-14.
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