Vectorial Iterative Fractional Laplace Transform Method for the Analytic Solutions of Fractional Cauchy-Riemann Systems Partial Differential Equations

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Kebede Shigute Kenea


The present study aims to obtain infinite fractional power series solution vectors of fractional Cauchy-Riemann systems equations with initial conditions by the use of vectorial iterative fractional Laplace transform method (VIFLTM). The basic idea of the VIFLTM was developed successfully and applied to four test examples to see its effectiveness and applicability. The infinite fractional power series form solutions were successfully obtained analytically. Thus, the results show that the VIFLTM works successfully in solving fractional Cauchy-Riemann system equations with initial conditions, and hence it can be extended to other fractional differential equations.

Fractional Cauchy-Riemann systems equations, Caputo fractional derivatives, vectorial iterative fractional Laplace transform method.

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Kenea, K. S. (2020). Vectorial Iterative Fractional Laplace Transform Method for the Analytic Solutions of Fractional Cauchy-Riemann Systems Partial Differential Equations. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(1), 60-83.
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