Magic Polygons and Degenerated Magic Polygons: Characterization and Properties

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Danniel Dias Augusto
Josimar da Silva Rocha


In this work we define Magic Polygons P(n, k) and Degenerated Magic Polygons D(n, k) and we obtain their main properties, such as the magic sum and the value corresponding to the root vertex. The existence of magic polygons P(n, k) and degenerated magic polygons D(n, k) are discussed for certain values of n and k.

Combinatorics, magic polygons, degenerated magic polygons.

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Augusto, D. D., & Rocha, J. da S. (2019). Magic Polygons and Degenerated Magic Polygons: Characterization and Properties. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 14(4), 1-18.
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