The Inverse Sushila Distribution: Properties and Application

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A. A. Adetunji
J. A. Ademuyiwa
O. A. Adejumo


In this paper, a new lifetime distribution called the Inverse Sushila Distribution (ISD) is proposed. Its fundamental properties like the density function, distribution function, hazard rate function, survival function, cumulative hazard rate function, order statistics, moments, moments generating function, maximum likelihood estimation, quantiles function, Rényi entropy and stochastic ordering are obtained. The distribution offers more flexibility in modelling upside-down bathtub lifetime data. The proposed model is applied to a lifetime data and its performance is compared with some other related distributions.

Inverse Sushila distribution, Inverse Lindley distribution, lifetime data.

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Adetunji, A. A., Ademuyiwa, J. A., & Adejumo, O. A. (2020). The Inverse Sushila Distribution: Properties and Application. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(8), 28-39.
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