Alpha Power Transformed Extended Bur II Distribution: Properties and Applications

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A. A. Ogunde
B. Ajayi
D. O. Omosigho


This paper presents a new generalization of the extended Bur II distribution. We redefined the Bur II distribution using the Alpha Power Transformation (APT) to obtain a new distribution called the Alpha Power Transformed Extended Bur II distribution. We derived several mathematical properties for the new model which includes moments, moment generating function, order statistics, entropy etc. and used a maximum likelihood estimation method to obtain the parameters of the distribution. Two real-world data sets were used for applications in order to illustrate the usefulness of the new distribution.

Alpha power transformation, moments, order statistics, Bur II distribution, real data sets

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Ogunde, A. A., Ajayi, B., & Omosigho, D. O. (2020). Alpha Power Transformed Extended Bur II Distribution: Properties and Applications. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(8), 50-63.
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