Inverse Analogue of Ailamujia Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications

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Ahmad Aijaz
Afaq Ahmad
Rajnee Tripathi


The present paper deals with the inverse analogue of Ailamujia distribution (IAD). Several statistical properties of the newly developed distribution has been discussed such as moments, moment generating function, survival measures, order statistics, shanon entropy, mode and median .The behavior of probability density function (p.d.f) and cumulative distribution function (c.d.f) are illustrated through graphs. The parameter of the newly developed distribution has been estimated by the well known method of maximum likelihood estimation. The importance of the established distribution has been shown through two real life data.

Ailamujia distribution, inverse approach, moments, survival analysis, maximum likelihood estimation

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Aijaz, A., Ahmad, A., & Tripathi, R. (2020). Inverse Analogue of Ailamujia Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(9), 36-46.
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