Sensitivity Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Epidemic Model

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Folahan S. Akinboro
O. O. Kehinde
S. Alao
A. D. Adediipo


The aim of this work is to carry out detailed sensitivity analysis of each parameter in order to know their relative importance in the epidemiological model. This mathematical model for hepatitis B virus is a system of non-linear differential equations which represents the interaction between diseases classes and other epidemiological parameters. The disease free equilibrium points and basic reproduction number of the cases were analyzed using the next generation matrix method.  Sensitivity analysis of with respect to the model parameters was carried out using normalized forward sensitivity index with graphical illustrations for clarity on the effects of these parameters. This analysis showed transmission rate  as the most sensitive parameter which means a reduction to zero of the transmission rate could lead to eradicating HBV infection. It was deduced that sensitivity analysis of these model parameters gives an insight into how best the spread of Hepatitis B Virus could be curtailed.

Normalized sensitivity index, mathematical model, basic reproductive number, disease, free equilibrium, Jacobian matrix

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Akinboro, F. S., Kehinde, O. O., Alao, S., & Adediipo, A. D. (2020). Sensitivity Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Epidemic Model. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(9), 47-66.
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