Impact of Thermal Radiation and Heat Source on MHD Blood Flow with an Inclined Magnetic Field in Treating Tumor and Low Blood Pressure

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Ekakitie Omamoke
Emeka Amos
Efere Jatari


In this paper, we will be analyzing the impact of thermal radiation and heat source on blood flow past a horizontal channel that is permeable with an applied magnetic field that is inclined at variable angles. The non-linear higher partial differential equation which is the governing equation is transformed to ordinary differential equations using non-dimensional variable to non-dimensional equations that is then solved analytically with the application of required boundary conditions for the blood flow and temperature equations which is a function of y and t. Parameters that are varied shows an effect on the blood flow and temperature profile with the presentation of results shown graphically and results clearly discussed. Observations from the research shows that when the thermal radiation increases, there will be a mixed effect in the flow of blood, increase in the magnetic field on the artery shows an increase in flow of blood while the blood flow reduces and the temperature of the blood increases when the heat source is increased. Other parameters also shows an effect on the flow of the blood.

Magneto Hydrodynamic (MHD), blood flow, angle of inclined magnetic field, thermal radiation, magnetic field, heat source, permeability

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Omamoke, E., Amos, E., & Jatari, E. (2020). Impact of Thermal Radiation and Heat Source on MHD Blood Flow with an Inclined Magnetic Field in Treating Tumor and Low Blood Pressure. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(9), 77-87.
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