On the Algebraic Properties of Quasi-affine Bijective Transformations

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Charles Mbuyi Kalubi
Alain Musesa Landa


A quasi-affine transformation, being the whole part of a rational affine transformation, is the discretized form of an affine transformation. Introduced by Marie-André Jacob-Da Col, it has been the subject of numerous studies. This article is devoted to the study of the algebraic structures of some quasi-affine bijective transformations, in particular the discrete translations of isolated points and Pythagorean rotations.

Algebraic structure, pythagorean rotations, discrete translations, quasi-affine transformation.

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Kalubi, C. M., & Landa, A. M. (2020). On the Algebraic Properties of Quasi-affine Bijective Transformations. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(9), 88-101. https://doi.org/10.9734/arjom/2020/v16i930223
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