On Generalized Pentanacci and Gaussian Generalized Pentanacci Numbers

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Yüksel Soykan


In this paper, we present Binet’s formulas, generating functions, and the summation formulas for generalized Pentanacci numbers, and as special cases, we investigate Pentanacci and PentanacciLucas numbers with their properties. Also, we define Gaussian generalized Pentanacci numbers and as special cases, we investigate Gaussian Pentanacci and Gaussian Pentanacci-Lucas numbers with their properties. Moreover, we give some identities for these numbers. Furthermore, we present matrix formulations of generalized Pentanacci numbers and Gaussian generalized Pentanacci numbers.

Pentanacci numbers, Pentanacci-Lucas numbers, Gaussian Pentanacci numbers, Gaussian Pentanacci-Lucas numbers.

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Soykan, Y. (2020). On Generalized Pentanacci and Gaussian Generalized Pentanacci Numbers. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(9), 102-121. https://doi.org/10.9734/arjom/2020/v16i930224
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