Two-phase MHD Flow through Porous Medium with Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Channel

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Devendra Kumar
B. Satyanarayana
Rajesh Kumar
Bholey Singh
R. K. Shrivastava


The present study deals with two layered MHD immiscible fluid flow through porous medium in presence of heat transfer through parallel plate channel. The fluids are incompressible, and flow is fully developed. The fluids are of different viscosities and thermal conductivities so flowing without mixing each other. Two different phases are accounted for study and are electrically conducting. Temperature of the walls of parallel plate channel is constant. Rheological properties of the immiscible fluids are constant in nature. The flow is governed by coupled partial differential equations which are converted to ordinary differential equations and exact solutions are obtained. The velocity profile and temperature distribution are evaluated and solved numerically for different heights and viscosity ratios for the two immiscible fluids. The effect of magnetic field parameter M and porosity parameter K is discussed for velocity profile and temperature distribution. Combined effects of porous medium and magnetic fields are accelerating the flow which, can be helpful in draining oil from oil wells.

Two phase MHD flow, porous medium, heat transfer, horizontal channel.

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Kumar, D., Satyanarayana, B., Kumar, R., Singh, B., & Shrivastava, R. K. (2020). Two-phase MHD Flow through Porous Medium with Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Channel. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(10), 79-90.
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