Seismic Analysis of Simply Supported Damped Rayleigh Beams on Elastic Foundation

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Ogunbamike Oluwatoyin Kehinde


In this paper, the flexural analysis of a simply supported damped Rayleigh beam subjected to distributed loads and with damping due to resistance to the transverse displacement resting on elastic foundation is obtained. The characteristics of the beam are assumed uniform over the beam length while the foundation is considered of Winkler type. In order to evaluate the vibration characteristics of the dynamical system, the Fourier sine integral transformation in conjunction with the asymptotic method of Struble is used to solve the governing equations for the transversal vibrations in the beam structure induced by moving load. The effect of prestress and other structural parameters were considered. Numerical results show that the structural parameters have significant influence on the behaviour of the dynamical system.

Flexural analysis, simply supported, rayleigh beam, dynamical system, damped beam.

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Kehinde, O. O. (2020). Seismic Analysis of Simply Supported Damped Rayleigh Beams on Elastic Foundation. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(11), 31-47.
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