The Principal Curvatures and the Third Fundamental Form of Dini-Type Helicoidal Hypersurface in 4-Space

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Erhan G¨uler


We consider the principal curvatures and the third fundamental form of Dini-type helicoidal hypersurface D(u, v, w) in the four dimensional Euclidean space E4. We find the Gauss map e of helicoidal hypersurface in E4. We obtain characteristic polynomial of shape operator matrix S. Then, we compute principal curvatures ki=1;2;3, and the third fundamental form matrix III of D.

Four dimensional, Dini-type helicoidal hypersurface, Gauss map, principal curvatures, the third fundamental form.

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G¨ulerE. (2020). The Principal Curvatures and the Third Fundamental Form of Dini-Type Helicoidal Hypersurface in 4-Space. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(11), 62-68.
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