Non-commutativity Over Canonical Suspension η for Genus g ≥1 in Hypercomplex Structures for Potential ρϕ

Deep Bhattacharjee *

Theoretical Physics Research Division of AATWRI Aerospace and Defense Research Directorate, India and Electro Gravitational Space Propulsion Laboratory, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Any matrix multiplication is non-commutative which has been shown here in terms of suspension, annihilator, and factor as established over a ring following the parameter k over a set of elements upto n for an operator to map the ring R to its opposite Rop having been through a continuous representation of permutation upto n-cycles being satisfied for a factor f along with its inverse  f-1 over a denoted orbit γ on k-parameterized ring justified via suspension η ∈ η0, ηimplying the same global non-commutativity for the annihilator A. This will be used for the construction of the genus–alteration scenario where the suspension ηacting with its opponent   η1 on any topological space  J can alter the geometry making a change in the manifolds for taking over the Boolean (1,0) satisfying the concerned operations.

Keywords: Operators, non-commutativity, annihilator, boolean

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Bhattacharjee, Deep. 2022. “Non-Commutativity Over Canonical Suspension η for Genus G ≥1 in Hypercomplex Structures for Potential ρϕ”. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics 18 (11):332-41.


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