Norm-Attainable Polynomials: Characterizations and Properties in Orthogonal Polynomial Families

Mogoi N. E. *

Kaimosi Friends University, 100, Maragoli, Kenya.

Apima S. B

Kaimosi Friends University, Kenya.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Norm-attainable polynomials play a crucial role in various mathematical contexts. This research paper investigates the characterizations and properties of norm-attainable polynomials in different orthogonal polynomial families. We explore their behavior, convexity, and positive definiteness. Additionally, we establish their norm-attainability in specific intervals for various weight functions. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of norm-attainable polynomials and their applications in approximation theory and mathematical modeling.

Keywords: Norm-attainable polynomials, orthogonal polynomial families, characterizations, properties

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N. E., Mogoi, and Apima S. B. 2023. “Norm-Attainable Polynomials: Characterizations and Properties in Orthogonal Polynomial Families”. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics 19 (10):161-68.


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