Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/60988: Effect of Thermal Radiation on an Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Double Diffusive Boundary Layer Flow Past A Permeable Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Source

O. Kehinde1*, F. S. Akinboro2 and A. D. Adediipo3 

1Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Western Cape, South Africa.

2Department of Geomatics, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

3Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/60945:  Forecasting Rainfall in Tanzania Using Time Series Approach
Case Study: Dar es Salaam
Paul A. Panga1*, Shaban M. Nyimvua2 and Isambi S. Mbalawata3 
1National Institute of Transport (NIT), Tanzania.
2Department of Mathematics, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
3African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Tanzania.




Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/59866: Properties of Some Golden Section Quasigeometric Sequences
Lovemore Mamombe1*
1University of Zimbabwe, PO Box MP 167 Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe.


Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/59628: Matrix Theory and a:k:m-Fibonacci Numbers
Lovemore Mamombe1*
1Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe.


Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/59911: Identities Involving Quasigeometric Fibonacci and Lucas
Lovemore Mamombe1*
1Department of Civil Engineering, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe.



Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/56704: On the Construction of a Control for Infinite System of Differential Equations of First Order
F. Allahabi1*
1Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Thamar University, Yemen


Article ID : 2020/ARJOM/54134 : An Extended Rani Distribution
O. R. Uwaeme1* and T. E. Akponekan1
1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Article ID : 2019/ARJOM/52798 : Bayes’ Estimators of an Exponentially Distributed Random Variables Using Al-Bayyati’s Loss Function
Nicholas Pindar Dibal1*, Adegoke Taiwo Mobolaji2 and Yahaya Abdullahi Musa1
1Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.
2Department of Statistics, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


Article Id : 2019/ARJOM/46742 : On Certain Consequences of the Philip Hall Theorem on Finite Groups
M. M. Zubairu1* and A. Iguda1
1Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bayero University Kano, PMB 3011, Kano, Nigeria.


 Article ID : 2017/ARJOM/32389 : On Resisting Outliers in Bivariate Data Using Weighted Measures of Rank Correlations

Rajes F. Aldossry1 and Ezz H. Abdelfttah1
1Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.