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2020 - Volume 16 [Issue 11]

Numerical Solution of Delay Differential Equations via the Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces Method

Reham K. Alshehri, Banan S. Maayah, Abdelhalim Ebaid

Page: 1-14
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Stability Analysis of the Disease Free Equilibrium of Malaria, Dengue and Typhoid Triple Infection Model

T. J. Oluwafemi, E. Azuaba, Y. M. Kura

Page: 15-23
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A Study on the Fourth Fundamental Form of the Factorable Hypersurface

Erhan Güler

Page: 24-30
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Seismic Analysis of Simply Supported Damped Rayleigh Beams on Elastic Foundation

Ogunbamike Oluwatoyin Kehinde

Page: 31-47
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An SEIRS Epidemic Model with Immigration and Vertical Transmission

Ruksana Shaikh, Pradeep Porwal, V. K. Gupta

Page: 48-53
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(φ, ψ)-Contractıon Condition for Multivalued Mappings in Complete Modular Metric Spaces

Duran Turkoglu, Emine Kilinc

Page: 54-61
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The Principal Curvatures and the Third Fundamental Form of Dini-Type Helicoidal Hypersurface in 4-Space

Erhan G¨uler

Page: 62-68
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Mathematical Model of the Transmission Dynamics of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) and Its Control

Atokolo William, Omale David, Bashir Sezuo Tenuche, Olayemi Kehinde Samuel, Daniel Musa Alih, Akpa Johnson

Page: 69-88
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Pre-Service Teachers Achievement and Mastery Levels in Solid Geometry at E. P. College of Education, Bimbilla-Ghana

Anas Seidu Salifu

Page: 89-108
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