LHAM Approach to Fractional Order Rosenau-Hyman and Burgers' Equations

S. O. Ajibola, A. S. Oke, W. N. Mutuku

Page: 1-14
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Effects of Some Flow Parameters on Unsteady MHD Fluid Flow Past a Moving Vertical Plate Embedded in Porous Medium in the Presence of Hall Current and Rotating System

M. O. Durojaye, K. A. Jamiu, F. O. Ogunfiditimi

Page: 15-29
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Optimal Bounds of the Arithmetic Mean by Harmonic, Contra-harmonic and New Seiffert-like Means

Hui-Zuo Xu, Wei-Mao Qian

Page: 30-36
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On Sums of Cubes of Generalized Fibonacci Numbers: Closed Formulas of Σn k=0 kW3 k and Σn k=1 kW3− k

Yuksel Soykan

Page: 37-52
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Analysis of a Multiscale Model of Ebola Virus Disease

Duncan O. Oganga, George O. Lawi, Colleta A. Okaka

Page: 53-69
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