Radiative Effects on Unsteady MHD Couette Flow through a Parallel Plate with Constant Pressure Gradient

E. O. Anyanwu, R. O. Olayiwola, M. D. Shehu, A. Lawal

Page: 1-19
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Formulation of a Mathematical Model for the Transmission Dynamics of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Incorporating Eects of Environmental Factors

Emily Atieno Omollo, George Kimathi

Page: 20-35
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Inverse Analogue of Ailamujia Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications

Ahmad Aijaz, Afaq Ahmad, Rajnee Tripathi

Page: 36-46
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Sensitivity Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus Epidemic Model

Folahan S. Akinboro, O. O. Kehinde, S. Alao, A. D. Adediipo

Page: 47-66
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(F, L) Contractions on Complete Weak Partial Metric Spaces for a Commuting Family of Self Mappings

K. Piesie Frimpong

Page: 67-76
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Impact of Thermal Radiation and Heat Source on MHD Blood Flow with an Inclined Magnetic Field in Treating Tumor and Low Blood Pressure

Ekakitie Omamoke, Emeka Amos, Efere Jatari

Page: 77-87
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On the Algebraic Properties of Quasi-affine Bijective Transformations

Charles Mbuyi Kalubi, Alain Musesa Landa

Page: 88-101
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On Generalized Pentanacci and Gaussian Generalized Pentanacci Numbers

Yüksel Soykan

Page: 102-121
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Effect of Thermal Radiation on an Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Double Diffusive Boundary Layer Flow past a Permeable Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Source

O. O. Kehinde, F. S. Akinboro, A. D. Adediipo

Page: 122-134
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Forecasting of New Cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria Using Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average Models

Olumide Sunday Adesina, Samson Adeniyi Onanaye, Dorcas Okewole, Amanze C. Egere

Page: 135-146
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