Dr. Radoslaw Jedynak is currently a lecturer at the University of Humanities and Technology in Radom, Poland and a head of computer laboratory in Mathematics Department .In the past he was an Associate Dean of Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematics and also a head of postgraduate studies in this faculty. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Faculty of Mechanics at the Technical University of Radom. In his thesis he concentrated on mathematical and numerical aspects of friction modelling . He received MSc degree at the University of Lodz. In his thesis, he investigated chosen aspects of astrophysical phenomenon and obtained highly exact rational approximation formulas for described processes. His research is mainly focused on computational and numerical aspects of mathematics. Specific areas of work include rational and Padé approximation of well-known functions applied in engineering science, numerical integration and programming mathematical software (Mathematica, Matlab, etc.). He is the author of some important papers published in high impact journals and reviewer of over hundred papers for over a dozen peer reviewed international journals .Specialization areas: applied mathematics, computational mathematics, numerical analysis, approximation theory, computer science.